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Best Kept Secret in Permanent Beauty?

SofTap® Permanent Cosmetics is the most natural way to look your best, 24/7. Professionals specializing in the  SofTap® hand method use 100% disposable hand tools to gently and delicately implant permanent color into the skin. This method is non-invasive, highly controlled, and produces the most natural  looks you will ever see in permanent makeup.

SofTap® professionals can give you anything from a soft, virtually undetectable beauty enhancement to a complete reconstruction of missing eyebrows. Permanent eyeliner is gentle, long lasting,  and permanent lips are soft and full. The results are so natural you have to see it to believe it. Click to learn more about us and see our beautiful work in before and after photos!

Professionals, please feel free to order our highest quality permanent makeup supplies on the professional section of the website. Find the best permanent cosmetic colors, world famous patented SofTap® Comfort System Needles, and any other quality supplies you need here! If you need SofTap training, please see our Trainers page.