About The Hand Method
The hand method of applying permanent color has existed ever since man first learned to tattoo himself with with tribal markings. Ancient peoples from all over the world used natural inks and hand tools to give themselves tattoos--some of them can even be seen on mummified remains today.

Although many other methods have been developed for body tattoos, the hand method is still used in some places in order to achieve very fine detail. This level of detail and precision, as well as gentle, non-traumatizing motion, is perfect for applying permanent makeup.

The face is an area unlike any other on the human body. Here we show our emotions, our age, and our beauty. The skin on your face is delicate and active as well, its a very sensitive place. When someone touches your face, there is a connection, a trust that needs to be present. Certain social barriers between people need to be overcome before you let someone invade that space, which is why we believe that permanent makeup should be applied with the hand method.

The hand method is gentle, quiet, and comfortable for permanent makeup clients. The idea of a person caring and controlling their procedure is worth so much to them--and it should be important to you too!

Not only is the hand method easy on a client's nerves, it is easy on yours as well. SofTap® needles are extremely effective at implanting color when used by a professional, the results are natural, long lasting, and very beautiful. There is truly nothing like using your own hands and artistry to create beauty on a person's face.