Scar Camouflage

Camouflage Treatments

If you have scars from major surgery, injuries, or severe burns, we may be able to help you reduce their appearance. Camouflage color is chosen or custom blended to match your skin and directly implanted over your scars. After a few treatments, depending on the severity of the scarred area, you will have a perfectly blended, scar-camouflaged patch of new skin.


When having a scar camouflage procedure done, always expect a patch test before a full treatment. It is the duty of the professional to learn how pigment heals in your skin; therefore on your first treatment visit, you will not have the procedure started, but have a color tested in the area. After about two weeks, your SofTap® professional will have you return for a follow up and more work in the treatment area, if the patch test was successful.


Not all scars can be successfully camouflaged; keloids, hyper-pigmented scars and other severe scars may require that other steps taken by your doctor before they are ready for this procedure.

In addition, if you spend a lot of time in the sun, be sure to note that once an area has been camouflaged, it will not tan with the rest of your skin.