What to Expect

Color correction is very straightforward for SofTap® professionals. Expect the same basic results as from a brand new brow treatment, but with other colors. If your eyebrows were blue, for example, they will be corrected with a yellow color before you get your brown re-implanted, so expect some yellow tones to show through for a little while. This will disappear during the healing process; you should be left with your desired brow color after a week or two.

Color corrections take about a half an hour, depending on the colors used. Prices are usually moderate, because there is a shape to follow. Ask your professional for more details.

Shape correction procedures vary between professionals. There is no cookbook way to correct a crooked lip or a thick eyebrow—this is purely the creativity of your professional. Make sure you see someone experienced that you trust to correct your work.

Prices for shape correction vary widely depending on how extensive the correction is.