Results and Photos

Re-Shaping Lips with the Imposter Collection

Match your existing lip color and reshape your lip line without changing the rest of your lip! This procedure is perfect for people who have good color in their lips but wish to improve their shape.

The Imposter Collection allows for almost perfect matching of anyone's natural lip color. So if you have lost that crisp little lip line you had when you were younger, regain it by choosing the Imposter Color that imitates your lip color! The results are so natural only you will know where your natural lip line ends and the Imposter Color begins!

These lips were impersonated by the Imposter Color Cupid's Kiss! A new lip liner was created for the client and color was feathered in slightly into the lip.

These crooked lips were balanced and matched to the Imposter Color Sweet 16. Look at how symmetrical and natural the healed result is!

These lips were redefined with a new lip liner and some feathering with the Imposter Color Innocence! Notice how areas where color was added blend perfectly into the natural lip.

Lip Liner and Feathering

Lip liner is wonderful for people who have good color in the body of their lips, but need that extra definition around the lip line. Some feathering of color into the lip area can give you a more of a pouty look!

A new lip liner with a dramatic shape was chosen by this client to redefine her lips. Once healed, this feathered pout will blend beautifully with the rest of her lip!

Mature lips can benefit greatly from feathering and full lip procedures! Crooked and receded lips can be balanced and enhanced with beautiful SofTap® color.

But there's another benefit: natural collagen formation during the healing process reduces the appearance of wrinkles in the lips and helps prevent lipstick bleed! What a difference!

Full Lip Color

Full lip procedures are for people who need both color and definition in their lips. Full lip color can breathe life into your lips and really enhance your overall look. Typical procedures require two to three treatments, but once you're finished, the difference can be amazing!

Before treatment #1

Right after treatment #1 with Sweet 16

Healed after treatment #1 with Sweet 16

Right after treatment #2 with Cupid's Kiss

Healed after treatment #2 with Cupid's Kiss

Right after treatment #3 with Valentine

Healed after treatment #3 with Valentine

This woman's lips were done three times. The first color chosen was Sweet 16, for a natural, youthful look. After healing, the client decided she wanted a little more color, so she chose Cupid's Kiss. This enhanced the color, but the client then decided that she wanted a lipstick look! Valentine was chosen on the third application to give her the final result shown.