Lip Styles

What we can do for you:

The top lip of this client was missing color before the procedure. After the client approved the design, Sweet 16 was applied with the SofTap® hand method. Note that permanent color was only applied in the upper lip area!

Option B: Lip Liner and Feathering Have you lost that crisp little lip line you had when you were younger? Maybe your lips have receded a little, or you just never had very well defined lips to begin with. Well, fret no more because with a little design and some permanent color, you can have lips like a 16 year old. SofTap® professionals help you choose a color and simply follow the natural line of your existing lip. Your lips can look even more beautiful with some soft feathering of color into the central area your lip!

This client needed a new, more defined lip line. After design work was finished, the SofTap® color Havana Girl was implanted throughout the lip line. This is a photo of the client immediately after the procedure. A few weeks later this color softens to a natural brown/pink that complimented the client's lips beautifully!

Some feathering into the lip area can make your lips look pouty and gorgeous! This client had her lip liner done first, and then opted to have some color feathered in to make her lip line fade into her lip. This photo is right after the procedure.

Option C: Full Lip Color Breathe life into your lips with a full lip procedure. This is great for people who need more color in their lips.

This client had her lips done three times, with Sweet 16, Cupid's Kiss, and then Valentine. The healed result was of all three procedures was similar to a lipstick effect!

Option D: Any combination of A, B, and C!

The Imposter Collection color Sweet 16 was used to create a lip liner for this client, its so natural!

Blushed Petals was used on this client in a lip liner and feathering procedure.

The Imposter Collection Color Cupid's Kiss was used to enhance this client's natural lip line, and some color was feathered into the lip area for a pouty look.