Eyebrow Styles

What we can do for you: 

Make a Subtle Difference 

Maybe your brows just need a hint of color. Small amounts of color in the right places can transform a normal eyebrow into a fabulous one. To do this, color is dusted lightly throughout natural brows to define them, and if desired, hair strokes can be used to lengthen the existing brow.

Give Yourself a Brow Lift—Without the Surgery 

If your brows are flat and lack an arch, permanent brow color can give your brows that lift they need. Color placed slightly above the existing arch can easily create the look of a brow lift and take years off of your face.

Enhance Sparse Brows 

If you have sparse brows, permanent makeup can softly fill in the spaces where hair is missing. A subtle dust of color over the entire eyebrow will define the brows and bring out the beauty of your eyes.

Give Your Brows More Definition 

You may already have good shape in your eyebrows, but you need a deeper, more defined look. SofTap® colors are natural and well balanced, so you can have that youthful, all day glow.

Tame Unruly Eyebrows 

What if the issue is that you have hair in the wrong place? If you need a guideline to tweeze to, permanent brows are a great solution. A design using as much of your brow hair as possible will be used to create a flattering shape, all you have to do is keep it clean.

Enhance a Man's Eyebrows

Guys can have permanent cosmetics too! If you have sparse brows or are missing hair in your brow region, a small amount of color can be deposited throughout your eyebrows to make you look younger and more attractive. The results are subtle, masculine, and make a world of difference!

Reconstruct the tail of your eyebrow 

If you have experienced a complete loss of hair in the tail of your brow, SofTap® can extend your brow through the area to achieve a more youthful appearance. This can be done with either a solid fill (like your eyeliner pencil) or with delicate hair strokes, which imitate the growth of real hair in the area and look very natural.

Reconstruct the Bulb of Your Eyebrow 


If all or part of your bulb is missing, permanent brow color can help to shorten the wide gap between your brows. This can help to balance the distance between your eyes and make your nose appear thinner. We can do this with the addition of a few hair strokes, or with a solid fill.

Reconstruct Your Entire Eyebrow 

If you are missing your entire eyebrow, then simulated hair strokes can make your brows appear as though they actually have hairs. In addition to this, a soft dusting of color can be placed throughout the entire brows in order to give them more dimension. Alternatively, if you like the penciled style, a solid fill throughout the eyebrow area may work for you.