About Us

SofTap® is the trademark for SofTap® Inc., the most natural look in permanent cosmetics. For over 20 years, we have been supplying the highest quality patented cosmetic pigments and micropigmentation needles to professionals in the permanent makeup industry.

We at SofTap® believe in artistry, that permanent makeup should be absolutely perfect. After all, it is very difficult to remove! The best way to give clients what they want is to give them 150% of your efforts, 150% of the time. SofTap® has designed its products to let you do just that.

We believe in helping people, giving them the best equipment and the best support available. Alexis Lawson still answers our technical support line every day--just because she loves to chat and share her advice with other SofTap® professionals.

SofTap® was founded in 1988 by Alexis and Mike Lawson, who today continue to own and operate SofTap® Inc. in Livermore, California. Their vision of providing the best products for permanent beauty drives innovation and artistry all over the world.