Your perfect look, smudgeproof all night long.

Your eyes are the focal point of your face, the windows to your soul. Your eyes can say a lot about you, your age, your current health, your genetics, even your disposition! So much can be learned from your eyes that they are often the first thing that people notice about you.

Eyeliner can make you look younger, healthier, sexier, and more dressed up. The only trouble is, putting on eyeliner and then taking it off every day is very tedious! And it doesn't even stay on right! A lot of eyeliner smudges and runs into your eyes, irritating them and ruining your look. But imagine that yours didn't! Imagine that your eyeliner is beautiful, comfortable, and smudgeproof every day, even when you first wake up.

Well, it's not just your imagination. Professionals that use SofTap® eyeliner colors can give you beautiful, full, and sexy lash lines that are practically maintenance free. We can give you anything from a natural and subtle eyelash enhancement to full and sexy eyeliner tailored exactly to your specifications. With SofTap® Permanent Cosmetics, you can look your best, 24/7.