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The Founder is a college graduate that has her licenses, certificates and is a member of the American Association of Micropigmentation.  The company takes an enormous pride in being a Green America certified company and providing collagen induction microneedling and permanent makeup services.

The Company is located in affluent Palm Beach County, Florida and offers its exclusive proprietary Fillahair™, Fillaareola™, Fillalips™, Fillaeyebrows™ and Fillaeyes™ services, among other services.  Company also offers power packed natural antioxidant skin care and makeup under the Skin Oxygen Products® brand to the public.

Color Selection Tool

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  Light Medium Dark
Cool Colors Eyebrows: Cool Color - Earl Grey Eyebrows: Cool Color - Champagne   Eyebrows: Cool Color - Mink Eyebrows: Cool Color - Brown Sugar   Eyebrows: Cool Color - Pecan Pie Eyebrows: Cool Color - Chocolate Eclair Eyebrows: Cool Color - Charcoal  
Neutral Colors Eyebrows: Neutral Color - Platinum Blonde Eyebrows: Neutral Color - Bashful Blonde Eyebrows: Neutral Color - Hazelnut Eyebrows: Neutral Color - Fawn Eyebrows: Neutral Color - Cappuccino Eyebrows: Neutral Color - Cafe Vienna Eyebrows: Neutral Color - Expresso Eyebrows: Neutral Color - Earth Eyebrows: Neutral Color - Mahogany  
Warm Colors Eyebrows: Warm Color - Amber Eyebrows: Warm Color - Caramel Eyebrows: Warm Color - Milk Chocolate Eyebrows: Warm Color - Bordeaux Eyebrows: Warm Color - Copper Eyebrows: Warm Color - Cocoa Warm Color - Chocolate Truffle Eyebrows: Warm Color - Royal Fudge Eyebrows: Warm Color - German Chocolate Eyebrows: Warm Color - Cafe Ole


Cool Colors Eyeliner: Cool Color - Chocolate Eclair Eyeliner: Cool Color - Charcoal      
Neutral Colors Eyeliner: Neutral Color - Earth Eyeliner: Neutral Color - Mahogany      
Warm Colors Eyeliner: Warm Color - German Chocolate Eyeliner: Warm Color - Cafe Ole      
Special Effects Eyeliner: Special Effects - Irish Moss Eyeliner: Special Effects - Jade Granite Eyeliner: Special Effects - Blue Lagoon Eyeliner: Special Effects - Tempting Teal Eyeliner: Special Effects - Black Orchid


Mauve/Pinks Lips: Mauve/Pink Color - Sweet 16 Lips: Mauve/Pink Color - Innocence Lips: Mauve/Pink Color - Cupids Kiss  
Orange/Pinks Lips: Orange/Pink Color - Mango Obsession Lips: Orange/Pink Color - Peaches N Cream Lips: Orange/Pink Color - Blushed Petals  
Red/Pinks Lips: Red/Pink Color - Tickle Me Pink Lips: Red/Pink Color - Valentine Lips: Red/Pink Color - Victorian Rose  
Brown/Pinks Lips: Brown/Pink Color - Pastel Rose Lips: Brown/Pink Color - Secret Passion Lips: Brown/Pink Color - Jamaican Rum Lips: Brown/Pink Color - Havana Girl

Camouflage Colors

Camouflage Colors
Camouflage Colors - Porcelain Camouflage Colors - Pearl
Camouflage Colors - Seashell Camouflage Colors - Cocoa Butter
Camouflage Colors - Golden Sunrise Camouflage Colors - Tropicana

Breast/Areola Treatments

Breast/Areola Colors
Breast and Areola Treatment Colors - Cotton Candy Breast and Areola Treatment Colors - Pinkaboo Breast and Areola Treatment Colors - Princess
Breast and Areola Treatment Colors - Sinnamon Breast and Areola Treatment Colors - Mocha Java Breast and Areola Treatment Colors - Cherries Jubilee
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1. Does it hurt?
SofTap® is the gentlest method you will find for implanting permanent color into the skin. The sensation is said to be similar to tweezing. Anesthetic is always used for lip and eyeliner procedures. Eyebrows do not require anesthetic (your skin will heal faster is we do not use it), however if you are sensitive, I can use some topical anesthetic on your eyebrows.

2. How much do you charge?
This depends on the nature of your procedure. If you choose to have a subtle eyelash enhancement or dusting of color throughout your brows, you can expect to pay less than those who need thick eyeliner or time-intensive hair strokes.

Please schedule a consultation with me so that we can determine which option is best for you.

3. How long will it last?
This depends on the color and style you have chosen. If you choose a subtle, light color and application, expect to need more touch ups than if you choose a dark color and heavier application. It is important to understand that while very dark colors and heavy applications require little or no touch ups, they do not look as natural and therefore are not recommended. Your lifestyle and skin type also affects how long color lasts. Swimmers and sun bathers can expect to need more touch ups than clients who stay out of the sun or wear sunscreen.

4. How often should I come in to refresh the color?
In order to keep your permanent makeup looking fresh, we recommend a touch up every two years for light brows and eyeliner, every five years for medium brows and dark eyeliner, and probably once in ten years for lips. Lips usually retain color very well once they are successfully implanted.

5. Why do I need a touch up if this is permanent?
There is a tendency for more fluid circulation in the facial area than other parts of the body. Your face sees the most wear of any part of you-exposure to the sun, pool chemicals, food, facial products-the list goes on and on. While color remains in your skin forever, all of these things may cause permanent color to fade, and this is why you need a touch up to stay looking fabulous.

6. How can I extend the life of my procedure?
Your beautiful permanent makeup will last longer if you apply sun block daily and avoid abrasive facial treatments in the brow area.

7. How should I prepare before the procedure?
If you are sensitive, you may take an over the counter pain reliever approximately one hour prior to your procedure. Do not take aspirin or any other blood thinners as these promote bleeding. If you are having your eyeliner done, refrain from wearing contact lenses and eye makeup, conventional eye makeup may leave residue and make the procedure more difficult. For lip procedures, you may obtain a prescription to prevent viral outbreaks if you are prone to this

8. How long does the procedure take?
This will vary with the type of work you are having done and your sensitivity. Generally speaking, basic eyebrow fills, eyelash enhancements, and straightforward lip liner each take a little under an hour. More complicated work such as thick eyeliner, eyebrows with hair strokes, and full lips take about two hours. Extremely difficult procedures will probably take more time and be broken up into several appointments (scar camouflage, correction, etc.)

9. Can I resume normal activity, exercising, gardening, etc?
Most normal activities can be resumed right away. Heavy exercise should be avoided for at least a week for best results-any sweat formed on your brows can fade your healing color. Swimming should be on hold for at least a week, pool chemicals would erode your healing color as well. Outdoors activities such as gardening or golf can be resumed as long as your treatment area remains clean, dry, and out of the sun. For best results do not expose your procedure to any unnecessary wear.

10. Is there going to be any scabbing?
There can be scabbing if your skin is sensitive. Eyeliner procedures tend to scab more than eyebrows. DO NOT pick off these scabs; picking scabs may result in a loss of color or minor scarring.

11. Will I be swollen?
Eyebrows may swell slightly. Swelling is normal and expected for lip and eyeliner procedures. We recommend ice packs ten minutes each hour for the first three hours after these procedures to minimize swelling.

12. I don't want it to look harsh, what should I do?
The SofTap® method is known for it's natural results. Bring a picture of brows, eyes, or lips that you love-magazine cutouts are great. Show or tell your professional what your goals are for the final result, and they will do their utmost to help you achieve your desired look.

13. Can I get an MRI?
Many people safely have had MRI scans performed after getting SofTap®. Inform your doctor or MRI technician that you have permanent makeup so that they can take the appropriate measures when performing your scan. You can also visit or for more information.

14. I put my eyeliner in that flat area inside my eyelashes, close to my eye. Can you implant color here?
No, implanting color in the grey line of your eyes can damage your meibomian glands and cause a number of health concerns including dry eye.

15. What is your cancellation policy?
All cancellations must be completed 24 hours in advance.

Pre / Post Treatment Instructions

1. Bring your contact case and glasses to wear after the procedure.
2. Bring sunglasses.
3. Remove contacts at the appointment.
4. Please clean your eye make-up off your lids approximately 4 hours before the appointment. Oily residue or make-up remover makes it harder for the color to penetrate.
5. You must wait for a minimum of 3 months after any eye area surgery and you need the physician's release.
6. An antihistamine, decongestant, Advil etc. 45 minutes before appointment will help with the comfort level.

1. It's preferable to get Botox after our eyebrow designing. If you have the Botox before your makeup design date, I will stay in the correct eyebrow area, but once the Botox has worn off, your brows may need an adjustment. This adjustment is not included in the original fee if is after the follow up.
2. Let your brows grow a bit so I can determine how many of the hairs we can keep in the design.
3. No sun burn.
4. No sun for 10 days before and after procedure.
5. Bring a picture of eyebrow style and shape you would like. I will draw it to fit your face shape.
6. If needed I can wax or tweeze the stray hairs after the procedure.
7. No pimples or unhealed sores in the treatment area
1. If you have EVER HAD A COLD SORE, it is imperative that you take Valtrex or Zovirax starting 24 hours before your appointment and continue for a total of 5 days. This must be done for the follow-up also. If you do not take the medicine, I will not work on your lips. Without medicine you have a 99% chance of having an outbreak, lips won't heal for 2 week and the color will be pushed out.
2. Bring your favorite color so I know what result you would like to achieve.
3. It's preferable to have lip fillers AFTER the procedure so we can design your lip shape to be filled.
4. No sun burn.
5. No sores or splits on lips.

(Use ONLY Vaseline or A&D ointment) NO ANTIBIOTIC OINTMENT
You may use an ice pack to reduce possible swelling in the next 24 hours. On and off for 10 minutes.

MORNING and NIGHT for the next 5 days
1. With clean fingers or a cotton swab, apply a small amount of ointment and rub it in.
2. Tissue blot to remove the excess ointment. You shouldn't be able to see it. After 24 hours you may apply the rest of your makeup.
3. DO NOT Swim or Sauna for 1 week.
4. DO NOT Pick, Scratch, Wash or Rub treatment area for 2 weeks. (the new skin is very fragile and shouldn't be disturbed.)
5. Please keep the area away from dirt. If the area becomes wet and weepy, wash gently with liquid antibacterial soap, rinse and pat dry. Do not put any more ointment on the treated area. (This is very rare)
6. If you feel that the area may be getting infected, (extremely rare) you can wash gently with liquid antibacterial soap, pat dry and apply Neosporin antibiotic ointment morning and night for 1 day. If this doesn't clear up please contact your physician. (We prefer not to use this type of ointment for healing because it may cause the color to heal too light.
7. Schedule your follow-up appointment to be completed within a 4 -12 week time period.

The first 24 to 48 hours you may experience slight bruising and swelling in the eye area. Brows - not much difference. For a week the color will appear darker than desired. Between the 5th and 7th day following the brow and eyeliner application, you will notice flaking or exfoliating of a thin layer of dead skin cells. Once this layer has been exfoliated the remaining color will appear to be 20 - 40% lighter. This is normal. After the

The lips will be slightly swelled for about 24 hours and exfoliate similar to chapped lips on or about the third day.
After the LIP exfoliation the color will seem to have disappeared. This is normal. Around three weeks later the color will start to reappear.
A second application is typical and should be scheduled within 4 - 12 weeks. This appointment is for fine tuning the design, color, tone and thickness of the color application. The follow-up is included.
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